About Us

Marvin H. Pritchett founded Pritchett Trucking, Inc. in 1980.  Mr. Pritchett started in the trucking business in 1970 when he bought a local timber producer and inherited three trucks. It started out as adversity that changed to success. Many times he considered selling the trucks and getting out of the trucking part of the business but instead he decided to purchase his first new Mack truck.

His timber business continued to grow and in the mid 1970’s became one of the largest in the southeast. With over 100 truckloads of wood per week and operating eight tractors for the timber business he decided to purchase an additional four tractors and trailers to transport lime rock.

By the late 1970’s the timber industry began to change drastically. Producers were placed on quotas, reducing the timber company’s production by over fifty percent. Reacting to the adversity of quotas Mr. Pritchett focused his attention on the trucking business. In 1980, he secured hauling for a local chip and saw mill and began building Pritchett Trucking Incorporated.

Today Pritchett Trucking employs well over 400 people and is apportioned in all 48 states and Canada. We have over 300 power units and over 600 trailers.  Pritchett Trucking has diversified into other areas of transportation services which include refuse, live floor, dump, flatbed, log, wood by-products, equipment, and contaminated dirt.

Pritchett Trucking, Inc., providing you with truckload transportation is just the beginning. Our goal is to make you a customer for life. That takes more than creative excellence, technical prowess in finding low, low pricing. It requires relentless attention to every detail. To do the big things well, we know we must do the small things brilliantly. Pritchett Trucking, Inc. meets the challenge. The excellence we put into our search for the best transportation solutions for our clients is exceeded only by the quality of service we provide.

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