Frequently Asked Questions


How often will I be able to return home? 
Approximately 98% of our drivers are home nightly. 


Do you have a driver training program?
No.  At this time, Pritchett does not offer a driver training program.


Do you have a pet policy?
Pritchett does not allow pets in the drivers' trucks.


What type of trailers do you use?
Van, dump, flatbed


What endorsements are required?
Pritchett does not require any endorsements for its drivers.


How much hands-on unloading is required?
We do not require our drivers to do any hand-unloading.


Do you allow spouses to accompany drivers?
Pritchett does not allow spouses to accompany its drivers on any trips.


What type of trucks do you use?
Mack Trucks


At what speed are the trucks governed?
All trucks are set for a maximum speed of 65 MPH.


How many miles can I driver per week?
2500-3000 miles per week.


Will I use the same truck for each load?


Will I be issued a net truck as needed?  If so, when?
Performance and service is what is considered for issuing drivers new trucks. 


Can I drive the truck I use home at the end of a haul?
Yes, as a long as your residence is not out of route.


Do you have dedicated runs?
Pritchett does have a few dedicated runs. 


Will I have to work weekends?
Sometimes on Saturday mornings we do require drivers to work. 


How often do I get paid?


Do you provide a retirement plan?  If so, what kind?
401K Plans are furnished as retirement plans for our drivers. 


What kind of bonus programs are offered to the drivers?
Sign on, weekly, and quarterly. 

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